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Evolution. The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Just as new magic is discovered and thought up by Witches, new and more diverse Demon Weapons are born as the genes are passed through families.

At what point does it all stop though? A chain reaction set in place hundreds of years ago. Who is to say the current Demon Weapons are the apex? The absolute end of the original creation? No one could know for sure. Not even the original creator of Demon Weapons.

Life has a funny way of developing. It continues gradually, moving forward and progressing toward the goal of continuing existence of living beings. Intelligence doesn't factor into this survival trait. Intelligence was just something life created to better suit livability. The survival instinct, intuition, wisdom, learning, cunning, camaraderie, etc. All of these things started from nothing and developed in beings that required them to continue living efficiently.

Sometimes though, when things become stagnant, life takes a drastic jump forward. It's an effort to encourage progress, force it upon the organisms that inhabit the world. 'You must adapt' nature says. 'Overcome this new hardship life has given birth to. Use it as a stepping stone to evolve into something even greater.'

There are no limitations to life. To those with a short mortality, evolution seems slow and at times it may be. Now is one of those times that even young kindred spirits will notice the leap in evolution. Sudden and without warning. It emerged into a single being and would eventually spark the foundation for the rest of the Demon Weapon race to evolve. Not only Demon Weapons. Humans, Witches, even the Reapers will change because of this jump. Knowledge that was thought to be ironclad would be overturned and misconceptions thrown back into faces of the smug and arrogant.

Demon Weapons consumes both evil and pure souls. Each type of soul has a drastic effect on how that weapon will develop throughout their life. The culmination of one side being the possibility of becoming a Kishin, a being on par with the Grim Reaper himself. Another path is that of what has come to be called a Death Scythe. By consuming both evil souls and the soul of a Witch, said weapon becomes an instrument of destruction fit to be wielded by Death himself. These are the two paths the Weapon and Meister world believe to be written in stone.

It's not.

Imagine for a second if you will, a Demon Weapon born of a family who, until that generation, had never produced a single weapon. Evolution saw its chance. Acted swiftly and the DNA was warped inside the womb of the mother. No rhyme or reason. It just happened. A one night stand. An affair. One time. One cell. One piece of Demon Weapon DNA was all that was needed to ignite the flame of evolution.

The being is a Demon Weapon, but it has no form of its own that could be called a weapon. It is similar to the others like it, but there is one severe difference.

Instead of consuming souls to progress, the Weapon devours other Demon Weapons. Its own kind. They become one with it. Forced to assimilate with it. Forced into a growing Hivemind, but one with an absolute ruler.

Not a Soul Eater.
A Weapon Eater.

What kind of culmination will this entity reach at the end of its progression before the next stage is revealed?