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Kitsuhana Hamika
Losing Interest In The Internet
There used to be more to do, but as the internet becomes normal for all people, it becomes restricted to adhering to and enforcing the current politics.
The internet once was a free place, full of many ideas, perspectives, etc. Now, it's just a tool of propaganda, trying to eliminate anything that doesn't support a user's local dictators.

What is someone like me to do?
It is not even possible anymore to escape into a virtual community as an alternative to the corrupt society of reality.
There will be civil wars after World War III, if World War III does not end in a way that grants freedom.
Innocent people should not be in this kind of situation, as it indicates the current government is the corrupt one.

Right now, a vast kleptocrat* empire is ruling the Earth.
Worse than that, they're NAZIs, as in the ones from World War II.
It can't go on like this. Balance will be restored, and it won't be by a peaceful means.

*Kleptocracy: A government ruled by thieves.

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