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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
Uh, its February?
Last night - I watched re-runs of King of the Hill. Maybe 3-4 episodes. The Pilot episode is still funny. And browsed the internet until 4 am. All in all, I think I learned how NOT to use my time again.

So, I have NO IDEA what I've accomplished in the month of January-- if anything at all. I'd like to think I did something. And now I see that its already February.. ugh.. I did remember a few of my plots/characters I lost when my files deleted. I wasn't sad at the time I lost them(mostly because I was feeling numb), but then I bitched about it a few days later to almost everyone. Because.. you know, I worked hard on them.

It wasn't all that bad, I guess. I got to start over on my ocs! They weren't that great. They were self inserts.. and you know, people don't like self inserts. I only have one now, but always.. Now I can focus on making them better characters. But I did lose some of the information on there.. Like, my my little pony oc? Her background was hard to create. With little information I got from the place she lives. Might consider make a pegasus this time. And my trolls.. omf, my fan trolls. My memory is terrible, so all that research was a total bust. I did remember some things, but all together I only have two now. Forget my fan kids, they gone.

This is where my self insert comes in-- I think that if I made my fankid, they would be me. Like, I think it would be fun even though everything would fall apart, what with the ectobiology, failed romance, and the failed session from the very beginning just playing sburb with close friends. I have read though different classpects (some speculations).. I think my title would be the Mage of Mind.

I love Homestuck so much, I gave myself a title. Help me.

That aside, I remember I uploaded my stories on fanfiction dot net, so I'm glad I got those down. Actually, for that New Team Seven fic, I lost 2 chapters I would have put in. Its kind of sad, but the fight scene I had coming up wasn't all that great. Which remembering me: I need help with fight scenes. Meh. I will continue it, but I might give Sakura a better role then background character.

I kind of felt bad that everyone disliked her. She's an okay character. Kishi obviously doesn't really care for her. Tenten has more panel time (joke). The reason I disliked Sakura (I think I mentioned before, blugh) was because the one who did like her over-glorified her like some goddess for being a main character and used her as a stab at hinanaru shippers. Ughh,, I dislike shipping. I have my fair share of ships, too, so I can't complain.

Sasuke and Hinata is still one of my otps. Crack pairing, I know! My other Naruto otp is Hidan x Kakuzu. You had NO IDEA how much I loved that ship. Still a good ship. Did you know: Scythe is the weapon Hidan uses and Stitches is well, Kakuzu's. --- That's how I got my username. Omf..

Let's hope February is a great month.. Kay, later.

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