Aura Wintergreen
Community Member
Sometimes i wonder what happened to my little black and white cat, my little baby that got chased by a dog and ran away.
I barely remember the morning, the day that he ran away. I don't even remember how many years it's been since he's been gone.
but at least I remember other things about him...

The tiny black spot, like the head of a pin on his front left paw. The small patch of white fur on his nose and just under his nose too.
How at times it seemed like he had a permanent scratch on his nose from all the times him and his brother Shadow fought.
His long drawn out meow.
How you could shame him into cleaning his paws by telling him how dirty they were.
He was always so aloof, but he had his moments when he wanted to sit with you just on his own, fall asleep on you, purring away.
How in the sun, you could see the chocolate brown mixed in with his black fur.

For a couple of birthdays and Christmases, all I wanted was my cat back.

I hope my little baby found a family that takes good care of him and he's happy.

But to this day, Voodoo I still miss you.