I sit here, anticipating an awkward evening, with two friends, one girl who I'm unsure of, because she won't actually speak to me today... Maybe she has no idea I'm going? And one person I have no idea of, but just has a cool American accent.
At least I have a week to myself, with only three days actual annual leave from work to recover from this psychological nightmare. I'm a sneaky Hobbitses with my time off.
A whole level of uncertainty... I don't know if I like it.
Do I even have the money to be dining out? I'm rather spent after Christmas.
I shouldn't be worrying about such trivial things, but social interaction is sparse in my case. I have no desire to do my run today either...
Tomorrow I take Panda to the vets for her claws to be trimmed.
My medical examination is on Saturday. I have no idea where in Bournemouth it is... Cleaning with Debbie on Monday. And then I have my Royal Navy interview on Tuesday. I'm so scared, I've been having nightmares about how badly it could go. They want to know about me, but there isn't much to tell, but they want to know what I know about the Navy... A bit, but probably not enough. I've had so many informal interviews, but no formal job interview. The one for my current job was so laid back... Worried is the word that springs to mind.
I have a lot of mental prep to do this weekend.
I'd like the ride the waves, but I do wish they were warmer.