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~Junkers~ My opened story book.
I'll tell you what is going on in my mind. You can either choose to run away or read each train wreck with a small grin. Your decision.
I think Kishi and Kubo are having troll wars...
took me a while to think but I just assume...it probably went like this.

KUBO: I'm going to "kill" Byakuya and Kenpachi and several other people and bring them back with comas...
KISHI: I'm going to "kill" Neji....yeah and he's going to stay dead btw..

My brain is a [bleep]er[bleep]is.

Right...my problems of a daily life.
My habit listings.....they seem to stack.
Rarities of times they are not place and I will refuse to read them.
Read them mu-mu.
2. I clean my plastic cup out with olive oil and soap. I rinse it 5 times and air dry. 5 minutes later I will go back to rinse again. 5x5=25.
3. I log in on Wartune. If I don't stay on for several hours I would just do a couple of quests. Over 25k exp need to be accomplished.
~noon(hard part of my brain)~
I go over my characters and my thoughts.
Thinking is good. If I stop I will feel naked and paranoid. Not good. My eyes will get big and I will start freaking out.
Walked home from school and earbuds were broken so I couldn't listen to my music. Even though I have several more pairs at home, I walked all the way crying and shaking like a chihuahua by every little thing because I felt naked and I am used to blocking unwanted things.
Triangles are trans. Ranging from the colors orange, brown, or red. Base off feminine/masculine qualities.
All shapes I recognize are automatically match with a color and a gender.

BGC...shannon's boobs bother me....really bad. They are fake and I have a thing against horrid fake boobs. The lot I've seen that makes me cringe were because they were unbalance. Take your asymmetrical tits somewhere else old lady!
*yes even real boobs are somewhat imperfect in the balancing factor...but the naturalness makes up for it*
I like cleaning my toilet everyday. I hate public restrooms...toilets are contact with anothers' bum...something I don't want to feel. I held myself all 8 hours when I was in school because our labs were filthy.
People had sex in the restrooms too...another reason I will [bleep] myself before I would use those [bleep]boxes.
I lost my talent...I need a break...

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