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I slept for 11 hours...
So naturally my dreams were all kinds of ******** up. I don't remember a lot of them but I do remember Brooks being in them, and Matt. smilies/icon_heart.gif i was living in a weird inird rendition of zoie's neighborhood and i decided I wanted to go somewhere because I was pissed off. Brooks was actually going weird or something. So I was gonna walk to the kroger even though it was farther than I have ever walked in my life. Even though that's a crazy idea. I could totally have walked that far. Anyway, I was halfway there and the world decided to end. Crazy alien creatures dropped down out of a tear in the dimension hahahaha.
Suddenly I was like really scared. I was falling with them through space and coming down toward the ground and i was surrounded by all these ground-dwelling types of creatures that couldn't quite figure out how to maneuver. They were twisting and turning and i figured they were trying to eat me. I screamed and panicked. Dragon looking things that weren't called dragons and mixtures of like Hawks and zebras . Crazy!
I got to the ground, safely, somehow. And i drove a car to the kroger but i was in a house??? I looked out the Window and noticed a truck kind of sliding sideways to a yard. It flipped onto its side and I was freaking out. When I got outside, it was back to normal but it had huge tires. Idk. ******** weird.
There was more that I can barely remember but im getting fed up with this mobile blogging thing.