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This journal was horneted in 1996. XD
So my ex friend Tom called me again...... twice.... Ugh....

I really don't want to be friends with him again.... I just don't. I feel weird about it, and he's too much maintenance for me....

Honestly, I do feel terrible saying things about Tom... but really, when you think about it, you can see why I'm trying to avoid him...

I mean, he's a 31-32 year old guy who doesn't have a job, doesn't have a car, doesn't go to school, and spends his whole life cooped up in his apartment which he pays the rent for with money he collects from Social Security.

Every time I went to hang out with him, I'd always think of my cousin Billy, particularly because Tom and my cousin Billy are actually only a week apart in age (Tom is older than him by like a week and a half or something).

But then, when I think of Billy, I think about everything he has achieved over the course of 30 years-- he's got an awesome job, he has two beautiful daughters, he has a really nice wife, he lives in a very nice condo, and they both work extremely hard and are very independent people. They have really good quality lives. These are all things which Tom doesn't have, but could've had a long time ago if he really put his mind to it.

I know Tom isn't a dumbass. He is really smart with computers, and he shows a true fascination in figuring out how things work and why they work. With a mind like that, Tom should've been able to get himself situated 5-8 years ago.... He hasn't yet...

Part of the problem is he avoids people in person.. If he really was afraid of people, why does he approach me? I honestly feel that I'm more fearful of people than he is, because I never take the initiative to call/approach anyone I'm connected to. Everyone else is always coming to me, including Tom... I feel that I'm more awkward when it comes to approaching people than he is.. And I've seen Tom prove his own words of his fear wrong-- he's actually flat out asked a cashier to go out sometime with him, right in front of me. I couldn't do that.. If he could, then he should have no trouble being around people at a job...

The other thing is, Tom seems to be very picky about jobs in the rare offchance that he manages to find one.. I've heard him complain about the work being too hard for him (and it's an entry level job as well), or that he simply didn't feel like working anymore, so he quit... That's like the stupidest thing you could possibly do.... ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE APARTMENT RENT TO PAY! >.>

Then finally, there's the whole issue of how unstable he is.... Like seriously, it was December, the month of final exams, and Tom was getting pissed at me for not answering his calls. So he assumed I was ignoring him, and called me a "******** a*****e", and that's when he cut off the friendship. Well, I never called him anything remotely as vulgar as that. So you know what? Good. Now I will ignore him. There's really no need for that. Especially since I've let him borrow things, I drove all the way to see him, and let him come over my house... I really don't need to be dealing with THAT...

To be honest though, Tom is actually a really nice guy when you get past how unstable he is.... But his issues overshadow his good qualities, and that's why I'm not particularly interested in seeing him anymore. He doesn't qualify in being a person that I'd want to follow the footsteps of, and that's what I'm looking for in future friends now...

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