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my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Twin Brothers pt.6
On the road back to where I belong, together together with my best friend Graphitus. So I have decided to take Graphitus with me, he wanted to see how my life was outside of Darkworld. Things have changed to how it is now, my brother is in power and i am still just trying to get out of many messes that can pop out of the corners. Resurfacing the day of light again was like a new life starting over again, it was amazing to have brought someone like Graphitus along. What the problem is, its what coming towards us. My old fellows that betrayed me since the beginning to gain some power in life. It was making me feel unease to see these fellows, so instead I smashed one face into bitter bloodiness. Graphitus, well he is just one to go at it just swinging by breaking everything in his path. WOWAH!! woot woot Graphitus. Can I kill them Rein? I mean you almost killed your guy can't I just take these guys' life? Sure why not, but give me a reason for you to first Graphitus. Let me hear something from you fellas so my friend here won't kill you. After hearing out the secrets they had, Graphitus killed them all. Why Rein, I thought they were your friends too? Friends Graphitus, who beside you here with me? They betrayed me for stupid deeds. Which is why I didn't want Snowhite to do, and things can turn out to be like this. It's as if I'm stuck in one of the same world if Darkworld was to be the same as the out side world here. Understood Rein, but didn't we created Shadowlessworld for that? Shadowlessworld is for assassins such as yourself Graphitus, Shadowlessworld aren't met to do any bad deeds. They only live to hide themselves from the truth of many lies. Your the leader, and whatever the leader does is their way of life. The shadowless kills for honor and power, but never greed. Why not greed Rein? Young Graphitus greed will blind you in every way you can't imagine. Besides Rein, you know I don't like money I just wanna kill as much as I want. Graphitus killing is one thing, fighting stronger people is what you should seek. Your young and have amazing skills and power. Just don't fight in a battle that has guns in it, one good shot and your dead. Ah here take this it's a gun I made from my previous time running away from my brother's pack of dogs. I call it the Tech GS.... eh well I haven't really named it you can just call it a gun. It's quite old but I'm sure you can make a good use of it one day. Continuing on this path what awaits the two is a bloody road ahead.

to be continue........

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