29th Jan 2013
Well this is my first entry so ugghhh. My real name is Amber. I am 13 years old. My life is very complex and sometimes I feel like giving up. I've never tried to end my life. But that doesn't mean that I wont try in the future. No I am not looking for attention. I'd laugh if anyone even read this.

I guess you should know some more stuff about me. My parents weren't married when I was born and they separated when I was 3 weeks old. I don't have many memories about my Dad. I only know what my mum tells me and what I dare to ask about him. I've been bullied quite a number of times. The names I get called and the remarks that get made are always all the same. They're right. And it's too late to convince me that the cruel truth is just lies.

I have had bulimia. If you don't know what it is then search it up on google. It'll save me a whole lot of explaining. I've self harmed/cut before. Self harmers and those with depressive disorders are very misunderstood people. They can be quite stubborn too but if you're there for them and if you never leave them. And I mean never, then they'll love you forever. Weather it's as a friend or as a lover. They will love you forever.
~you never know how much pain is behind a face that always smiles~