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my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Phoenix Big Wing pt.5
Archanius, now lost in the middle of a old ruin village of who knows where in the world this place is. All that was found there was abandoned homes and broken down houses. There was no one to be found there, until a sudden movement. The ground was shaking from below Archanius's feet. He tries to run back out of the village thinking it was haunted. Before he knew it the sand weep him up into the sky high. Out came a stranger from the sands below , just before Archanius fell back down the strangers hear someone crying out. The stranger then sudden grabs a hidden dagger arming itself. Falling from above Archanius fell onto the stranger. Scared by Archanius arrival, the stranger tries to get out of the heavy weight Archanius was putting on the stranger. The stranger quickly backs off drawing a second dagger ready to pierce at what comes. The young Archanius then gives the stranger a look not knowing what was happening. Angry at the stranger he walked towards the stranger. The stranger quickly stabs him from five different points that could disable someone. Yet Archanius was still standing, but wait he disarmed the stranger just before the strikes were made. The both were moving so fast Archanius took the daggers out of the stranger's hand. Well this is something you should expect from someone who was raised in the family of Feral. Sudden Archanius makes his counter attack knocking the stranger down. Pinned down, Archanius puts the stranger dagger at their neck. Only to find out it was a female stranger that attacked him. Shocked from being attack by the woman he drops her dagger and walked off to find his belong that was lost during the ground shake. Out rage from losing his belonging he went back to her. Taking a good look at her if she was a criminal. He grabs her by the shirt threatening her to give his belonging back. Not long before that happened, the three travelers finally caught up with Archanius. He takes a look around and see three more strangers headed their way. At first he thought the thief had help coming, not until they started to shoot blazing arrows at them both. Archanius pulls her towards him with one hand, grabbing the the daggers with another. He throws one at the blazing arrows knocking a few down. From the looks of it, it was going to turn into a gruesome battle between the five of them. The three travelers surrounds the two. Seeing that there was no chance for the both to get out of this. Archanius used her body as a weapon to fend of the three armed travelers. In just a short period of time, the battle was over and the two have won. Now all tied up together all four Archanius questioned them. A whole night has passed now he releases the other three travelers, but the woman. He made her into his package carrier, given the direct points of where to go to find the sea to the east the three travelers aided Archanius.

to be continue......

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