I couldn't believe my eyes. what i saw that day would haunt me for the rest of my life. My old lover, Melody, the Mistress of the Dark Saloven. the Dark Saloven is place on the North East side of Netrie, the only other castle in all of Netrie. "Wow Caxias you sure grew sense the last time i saw you you were still trying to open the Dark Door." Her voice was still as seductive as ever but the sensation that it gave had long scene past. "The Dark Door is the only thing i had treble doing. i had no issue killing you fore what you did to all the creatures." "Those things are nothing but play things to be used and tortured for my amusement. As I recall you desisted in some of these things you deem so unlawful. so much so that we gave you your own title, The Lawless One." "Those days are behind me now, i am The Swaying Weaponist now." "Yes I am quite aware of what you did after you became a Cipher but you know that there is still one that can kill you Caxias. We both do." "You didn't dare!" i said exasperated at what she had done. "Oh yes i have Caxias i knew that when y became a Cipher that i couldn't kill you, nor could you kill me but i did some diging and found that ther is one that could. so after a long year i finaly did it. Your soul is now in my posetionand i have made it into your Spair!"
When a pirson becomes a Cipher there souls become an entirely different being. thus, if infused with magic, can become the Ciphers equal: the Spaire. A Spair has no consciousness to speak of but, if controlled by an other force, can become the war equivalent of the Cipher. "I finally have the means to to kill the Superior of the most powerfull Organization in Netrie. I have his firers equal and he shall kill his Cipher just to pleas me!" She cackled like a which that just caught her next victim. she snapped her fingers and called,"come out Isaac time to kill!"
the creature that stepped out of the shadows was something i had only seen in nightmares: the same face as me, Twisted in a fit of rage, his mouth drooling with venomous fome. " you see, Caxias, you may be the master of all weapons but Isaac is all weapon! ha haha! Every part of his bodie can tun into a weapon. de can become unstoppable!" she runs her fingers though her long red haire, her eyes red with blood lust. i walk in front of the beast, ready to fight. i turn to Xifft and say "watch carefully Xifft i am about to show you why the call me the Swaying Weaponist