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Edge's Image Galleries and Blog stuff
This journal is for various image posts and little tid-bits I want to write down.
I can only wish...
Have you ever thought, hey, you know what if -blank- made -blank-?

Here's a list of games, anime or whatever else I think needs to be made.

-A Super Mario game where you play as Bowser throughout the entire game, they did this already with Peach, so why not Bowser, he's my favorite character from the series anyways.

-A Capcom All-Star Fighting game. I know this has been done before, but it didn't come together that well, good but not great, and it was lacking in character amount. This game needs like, Marvel Vs Capcom level of characters, I'm talking like 50+ Capcom characters, there are more than enough to fit in there.

-A Third season of K-On, this one is probably not ever going to happen, but the manga picked up after the anime, and I'm still wanting more K-On, so please KyoAni, please.

-A long run of Working!! Seriously, this show has no plot, slow development, had no ending, and is funny as hell. It's shows like this that I wish went on forever, but sadly only got 2 seasons, but shitty shounen crap gets 800 episodes of filler and pointless arcs.

-A long run of Cromartie Highschool would be nice too. This show should have never ended.

-A Survival Horror RPG, now this has been done before, and it came out amazing for it's time. Sweet Home on the Famicom was a Survival Horror RPG, and it's good, like really good. Why aren't there more games like this? Resident Evil is nice, but it's drifted so far from it's roots it's not even a Capcom game anymore, might as well sell it as an Infinity Ward game. Please, someone take RPGs like Persona and Earthbound, and smash them together with stuff like Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Splatter House. People can get behind a series like that in a heart beat. Especially right now with all the zombie games and movies coming out, seriously, zombies zombies zombies, and none of that s**t being spewed out is good.

-And while I'm on the subject of RPGs, why don't we have more RPG war games? I'm talking about taking stuff like Call of Duty and turn it into an RPG too, it would actually be a good spin on strategy. If you play a lot of CoD, you know customizing your class is extremely important, now take that strategy, and turn it into an RPG. The only games I've seen do this are Project Darkness and Advance Wars, and it's kinda mediocre, I really liked them, but critics disagree. If they were more in depth they would have been amazing Tactical RPG games.

-Reboot or additional game to the Jet Set Radio series. Not much needs to be said, great two games in the series right now, it really needs a new game, and keep it in it's same style, don't go outside of what it is right now, just make it new, and improved, but not totally off the wall.

-A Pokemon MMO. Anyone who's ever played Pokemon probably wishes the same thing I do, that you and your friends could all battle together and catch Pokemon together. This idea would be really easy to make, and it would be amazingly high profit for anyone who capitalizes on it, seriously, just make the legendary Pokemon cash based, you know people will shell out a good 3$ to 10$ for a Pokemon they really want in their game. It could be balanced out and made tournament accessible too while they're at it.

That's all I can think of for now, I'll add more ideas later.

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