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my life, zomg, gaia, and etc. yea.
Twin Brothers pt.5
Graphitus, how should I start with him..... Lets just say he was covered in mud and dirt that day cause of the horror he saw. The death of his parents, that day he tried to help them. He was tied up half naked hanging from the ropes. It was as if I saw what happened to him and his parents. Just at the thoughts of it, but he was calm didn't say or do much when we saw him that day. It seems like he was all alone now, not being able to handle one girl already I suppose one more wouldn't do any bad. Little did I know he had no name, so as the girl. Oddly I thought people here would have names at the least. After encountering them from the looks of it, color will be their names. White sounded good for a girl like her, as for the boy Graphitus. Since the day we met him covered in mud and dirt, he earned his name on the spot. We left after the burial, since then Graphitus has always been cheerful. As for White, she started to talk to me and Graphitus. Spending time with the two was like the best moments in my life, soon we came across more and more people. So it seems like we were a big family now, but there were always rules to follow through. Graphitus was my personal assassin, White was my seeker, anywhere you go you'll be found. Then there is the others as well Goldan, the lord that guards the gates of the Darkworld. Silvus, the lord that watches over the sky of Darkworld. And there is a special someone, Rexbow the second female of Darkworld. She who has eyes on each and everyone knows of all, all but one me. Now back to where I was captured by the lords. Being brought back to White was her plan to make the Darkworld a realm for all kinds of deeds. Unwillingly I didn't want to make such a deal in which I don't even know what could happen. Thanks to the help of Rexbow, Graphitus, and Silvus I was able to escape. White knew all along that I wasn't from their land, I was free to do as I please. Knowing this she knew she was going to lose me sooner or later. It would all come to an end like this, I paid her a visit after I was captured. White was be to renamed and become Snowhite, that only means she will become the next overlord of the Darkworld. She would have to be wedded with one of the lords. Not many females lies in this lordship, only a few rise to the top in their status. Wary of being stuck in here being someone's to be wedded man, I had planned to leave. I just knew White would choice me, since the day we met. Well night time is always all the time here in Darkworld, just about time Graphitus will begin his mission. Before I was capture, I made a deal with Graphitus. That if I were to be release from the Darkworld and return back to my normal status I would help him built a whole new realm. A realm where only the top three leaders would know of. Of the top three Graphitus was the strongest, Rexbow the brains of the Darkworld, and Cobolt the defender of the darkness. Given my promise to Graphitus became the leader of the Shadowlessworld. After leaving my last words to White, she became Snowhite wedded to Cobolt. Instead of causing conflict between the Darkworld lords and I. She is now willing to marry Cobolt, I was at ease to know they were together now. Having to leave the Darkworld, I met up with Graphitus, he wanted to leave with me. So what did I say my plans always come through well sorta.

to be continue.........

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