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It's a new year. New goals. New problems. New love. New People. New memories.
I really doubt anybody actually reads what I put up. I guess, I'm just watching who really cares about me. haha. Welps, then again, I'm just doing this to vent at your people, whom I don't even know.

Theres someone new, and may I say, I think I actually do like him. Were actually awkward around each other, and can't think of anything to say, so there's a lot of silence in the air. But we try, not just me, both of us. He actually makes an effort to make me happy, he even asks how my day was everyday. "Your flaws is your perfection" is what he told me, honestly at first I thought it was all bullshit. But now. I actually believe him, because I now know what he meant. So I just want to say, Alex, thank you for being my friend and hopefully soon, more than a friend.

So there you go you guys that's how my love life is going. But what about my other life? Family life ?

Family? I really think it's just a word nowadays. My sister whom I had just grown close to is going to leave me when her semester ends, and I don't know when shes going to come back or when she's going to go, or how I'm going to keep contact with her, probably through skype, but it's not the same since she has always been there especially since she has always been there with my problems. I haven't shed tears in front of her yet, but I love her. Judy, I know your probably never going to see this but when you do I want to say that I'n thankful for having you as a sister. smilies/icon_heart.gif and I wish you the best of luck with your new life.

So. I guess I'm done. Thanks if you actually read that. Now I will go on and say something else about love I guess, since that's all this whole journal is about.