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L O V E,
What does it mean to me?
It can bring sadness, it can bring glee,
But happiness is what I yearn to see.

Loved is what I want to be,
Such a feeling would set me free.
It seems one has heard my endless plea--
I only wish to stay with thee.

To my heart, I've given the key;
Will you go with me, across life's sea?
I have such strong feelings, I hope you agree--
Won't you take a sip of love's sweet tea?

L O V E,
I am your Lizzie;
Let's go, go on a love spree!
Can I be your abductee?

My love is of the highest degree,
We do well together, don't we?
Happiness and warmth, that's what I foresee.
Close your eyes and listen: "I love you"