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Lex and Connor vs Lee (Liz)
lLex: Coward! Coward! Yellow-bellied, serosis-livered, fork-tongued, spider-lipped, brainless, dickless, helpless, hopeless, twelve-chinned, bug-eyed, balding rapatious cad!

Guard: SHUT UP! *kicks him*

Lex: *gags, grins* And what're you gonna do about it, rent-a-guard?

Guard: I'll get the torturer...*leaves*


Guard: SHUT UP YOU SAVAGE! You people are nothing but ANIMALS!

Lex: And I've had better insults from a Londoner, you Cockneyed lagabout cockrobin!

Guard: *looks to the side, surprised* Torturer: *dragging a familiar woman by the hair* Time for the insulter's turn. Liz: *put in the cell on the other side of the boys, not moving* Torturer: *grabs Lex*

Lex: Well, crap. *looks at Connor* See you soon. Connor: *looks at Liz*

Torturer: *laughs* Liz: *slowly sits up*

Lex: *looks at the torturer* Dude, what the hell? We haven't even started yet. It's not time for villainous laughter. Connor: *looks at Liz* How were you captured?

Liz: ...I don't want to talk about it...*looks down* Torturer: Oh, I'm thinking what to remove first. ((Torture's my weak spot D: ))

Lex: Well, you could do without that giant zit on your nose, but that's just my opinion. ((=w= How is it your weak spot? Google torture methods.)) Connor: Speak anyway! It's important, woman!

Torturer: How about the LIPS! *slices his cheeks, creating a Glasgow Smile* Liz: I tried to... save you... They...they...

Connor: ...They what? Lex: *gasps, grins wickedly at the Torturer* Why so serious? It was only a suggestion with the zit. It's not even that huge. It's only boil sized.

Liz: *bursts into tears*

((=w= What'd they do with Liz?))

Torturer: *stabs him in the side*

((What do you think? They raped her. D: ))

((Which side was Lex stabbed on and how high up?))

((Belly, left, deeply too.))

Lex: *grunts, sighs* Well, there go my intestines. Connor: ...*sighs* I am sorry.

Torturer: *stabs again, this time the other side* Liz: ...*mutters* I love you.

Lex: *pants, leans head back* And there's the liver. You''re not very fond of people mentioning that boil on your face, are you? *laughs weakly* Connor: ...*reaches over to her as far as can*

Liz: *looks at him and reaches to him* Torturer: *snarls...and then breaks his nose...again*

Lex: *shakes* Seriously? *coughs, has hand pressed to right side, hand is bloody* Now you' you're just getting annoying. *is pale* Connor: *eyes harden, draws hand back, steps back, rams the bars*

((Poor Lex's nose. XD))

((Poor Lex's nose? He's been stabbed in the liver!))

((Shall I repost? XD))

((No. Keep going.))

Liz: *gasps* No! Don't! Torturer: *stops as Connor ram the bars* What the...

Connor: *rams the bars again* Lex: *smiles weakly*

Torturer: ...s**t. Liz: *looks to the side* Did you...hear what I said?

Connor: About you loving me? *rams the bars again, snarls* Or about them having their way with you? *backs up* I heard both. *lunges, tackles the bars* Bars: *fall open*

Liz: I... Guard: *runs to stop him*

Connor: *grabs the guard by the head, twists, drops him, grabs the keys, unlocks Liz's cell, keeps walking*

Liz: *follows* I get the don't feel the same... Torturer: *runs toward Connor with the knife*

Connor: *grabs torturer's arm and neck, lifts him up, slams him into wall, snaps his wrist, throws him down, curbstomps on his face, looks at Liz as grinds heel down* *opens mouth to speak* Lex: ...*grins a little* Ok...waho... Connor: ...*looks at him* Kanatakon:ha? Lex: *shakes, slides off chair* Connor: *catches* *shakes*

Liz: *looks away*

Connor: ...Skandar. Skandar... Lex: *goes limp slowly* Connor: ...Doc...doc, no, no, open your eyes. Open your eyes, please...please...*shakes more as feels something wet against leg, whimpers* No...

Liz: Lex! Come on! Is he...?

Connor: *chokes, sobs* *looks down at him, shakes, holds close* *whimpers, lifts up carefully*

Liz: No... He can't be... ((LEX NOOOO))

Connor: *shakes, carries him outside* Behlil: *shoots down last Templar* We came as soon as... *stares at Connor* Abi...*all but falls off horse, scrambles ovver to them* Abi! Skandar! Connor: *sets him down* Behlil: *sinks to knees, , stares* ...*screams* HAYIR! HAYIR! *drags him into arms, sobs*

Liz: *crying* ((OH GOSH NOT LEX T^T))

Behlil: *stroking hair, tears screaming down face* Uyan. Uyan. Luetfen, uyan, Skandar... *presses foreheads together* Abi...

Liz: Oh, Lex... *sobs*

Behlil: *rounds on her, punches square in face, breaks her nose* KALTAK! Connor: *holds him back* Behlil: YOU'RE NOT FIT TO SPEAK HIS NAME!

Liz: *sobbing holding her nose* ((Kaltak?))


((oooohhh nasty D: ))

Behlil: *sinks down next to Lex, grits teeth, chokes, lifts up into arms* *shakes as limps down the street*

Liz: *sobbing* ((PLEASE TELL ME LEX IS NOT DEAD ;3smilies/icon_wink.gif)

((What do you expect Behlil to say? His only brother is dead.))

((Poor guy.))

((LEX was that brother!))


Liz: *looks at Connor*

Connor: *following Behlil*

Liz: *stays where she is*

Ylva and Alma: *drag her* Behlil: *reaches the nearest baes, sets Lex down on table gently, starts stripping him down*

Liz: *walks with them* ((I love Lex ;3; ))

((;w; So do I and the others.))

((;3; Bring him back~))

((;w; He bled out.))

((Pllllleeeeeeaaaaassee~ XD))

Liz: Connor...?

Connor: ...What?