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I'm not happy
I have become confident in myself for a short period of time
I know what you want I know what you need

I noticed a few desires
most people have the same desires some just don't know what they want but the fact that they do desire something means I can find a way to make them feel better about themselves by simply bringing those desires to the surface
some people ... lots of people will do things for attention and at that time their sadness would be expressed / voiced by body language
all desires are not complicated some want to be noticed / recognized a greeting might help or if they accomplish something we might as well make them feel like they did accomplish something unless of course your dealing with some obnoxious teenage male / female who maybe cocky and conceited not gonna make this about genders not right away at least...
this is something to look back on whenever I waver from my path of the good I must remember that making people happy is a simple task even if I myself just desire to be accepted
helping everyone else along the way just to feel like I'm doing some good in the world... is worth it
we should always remember we are most valuable when we can help someone else if you can't help anyone you might find yourself in need of help and karma might make an example out of you but if not theres always dying alone to look forward to but that might not always happen!

that is not going to happen don't even think about it
honestly helping people is hard even when you are a good person
theres just to many obstacles in the way sometimes it's like one choice is good but the other choice is better but you can't have them both
but hey thats life in one hand you have what you need in the other hand you have what you want and another problem with life nothing is perfect so what you need may weigh less then what you want or the other way around either way without balance
you can't solve two problems at the same time , so you'll have to put one down and most likely leave it there you can't get to what you want if your going to what you need I've said this so many ways maybe it's best that there be many ways to understand what
I'm trying to say without telling you an A save your parents or B save your lover and then telling you that you have to save someone and thats life
then keep reminded you that it was fair and as long as you remember your choice you'll always have those moment where you think back to was this the right choice and then the depression creeps in and you find all the flaws in your past action just cause it's been a little rough! -_- ah what am I talking about