this week, i had three awesome dreams.
On Monday, I had a dream about Donghae. (cheating on mah hubby emotion_0A0 )
So anyway, I remember bits of it. Donghae came to my school, he was playing the guitar for everyone, everytime he played the guitar, he'd look up to me and smile, and as time passed, our smiles gradually went wider and before we knew it, we were both smiling like idiots. cat_xd ...and thats all i remember .w.

Well....On Tuesday...?...i think so...
It was about LUHAN heart -shotshotshot- ...cheating again....FML
So anyway, was at a fan meeting. For some reason, I was sitting at the desk where...they...sign and stuff xd Luhan passed me a message and I passed one back, he attempted to write my name in Korean, but failed. So I gave it back to him to re-write it, but he failed multiple of times. SUDDENLY. Ji Hyo Unnie popped up out no where! And BAM I woke up. .w.

Last smexy dream was just this morning (Friday).
One bout, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Henry, Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook. (WHERE IS MAH HUBBY ?! QAQ)
Four of the best dancers, three main vocals. One of them is an English speaker.
All of this adds up to...-drum rolls- Dancing and Singing lessons!! And Henry as the translator.
So it started of as Singing First. KRY sang In My Dream. After that, they taught us how to sing Santa U Are The One. But HenHaeShinHyuk kept interrupting since they sang their parts from time to time. Than it was the dancing lessons. Hyukkie showed off his dancing, than Hae, Henry and than Shindong. They divided up the 4 groups of 15. I was with Hyukkie (mah second bias heart ) So yeah, Hyukkie taught us a certain section of SFS. Than when everyone was finished we put it together and it was HELL awesome. BUT all of a sudden. Tsuna, Hibari and Mukuro popped up and well...Hibari sempai and Muku-chan started to verse each other while Tsuna...was just trying to stop them. Then it ended.
at least I saw hawt guys heart

arent my dreams smexy
?? whee