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Sayuri - Wolf

Sayuri's family is odd, her father is a wolf, part of a pack. A great pack at that, the leader is his younger brother Sota. My father never thought he could lead a pack at all and was proud that his brother could. My mother on the other hand is a shape shifter. My mom can change to anything she wants too which i think is not fair what so ever. For me i am just a normal were girl. My fur is a gold with black outline. My eyes are like fire from my mom. My eyes make me feel like i can shift the world to anything i want it to be. I'm a only child. I always wondered what it would have been like if my mother could have more kids, but ever since she had me, the doctor said she was die trying to give birth and since she is a shape shifter. My mother wanted to give natural birth with no drugs or sea section. I live in the country with my parents. We own a farm with live stock and a decent house hold. Its not the biggest house in the whole world but it keeps my family happy. Sayuri is 5''6', slinder, golden eyes, stays in wolf form.