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Every morning it is the same dumb thing,
I get up,
pack my car,
and drive to school,
I move at the speed limit,
or sometimes a bit faster.
And about halfway there, who comes speeding to catch up?
The Texas longhorn jeep.
I understand this relationship we have,
It speeds up and passes me,
It gets held up by the morning traffic,
And when we get to the lights near school it is in so much of a hurry that it manages to get stuck behind all the people who are turning left.
Every morning, it is the same DUMB thing.
The burn orange vehicle passes me,
and while it is sitting impatiently behind other vehicles,
I pass it with a smile and wave.
I arrive at school,
I park my car,
grab my bag,
and walk towards my class,
and who comes speeding towards me?
The burnt orange jeep.
I understand this relationship we have,
The thing I don't understand,
Is how they don't.