Shiboi slept on Dante's bed as he sat somewhere near by. Every now and then he would watch her sleep to make sure she wasn't thrashing around from a nightmare. He smiled at the single noise she made when she sleeps. A tiny snore like noise. Though he frowned at the random times she whimpered. Clearly having a nightmare. He brushed her hair out of her face while she was sleeping calmly. Smiling half heartedly as she snuggled into his touch like a house pet would. He savored these nice moments. He also savored the moments when she was awake and being as cocky as he is. Throwing insults and taunts at every demon that crosses their path. He knew that even though he sleeps in the buff she didn't mind sleeping I. That same bed when he was awake or seeing him after he gets up. Sure she would tease him and flirt slightly. But it didn't bother him. He kissed her cheek lightly. she made a satisfied noise but never woke up. He wondered how long this slumber would last, could be days. Months, maybe the rest of the year. He didn't know but he got restless and all he could do was wait. Though as mean as it was he hoped she would have another nightmare and thrash just so he could hold her comfortingly and sooth her. But still he waited in agony for the beauty in which was a nephilim to awake from this long slumber.