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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Great just great
So i'm not depressed anymore. We started getting along again & he finally started gradually talking to me. Figured out what was wrong apparently his dad died. Not sure why this had to = treat your fiancee like crap, but ugh. After all that stress i cancelled the wedding for this November deciding it was best for his sanity & will reschedule for a later date & time in 2014. We're making love again & I feel more at ease not necessarily baby-ease we're gonna have to take it from square one after these little fiasco's with his attitude, but I'm doing okay. As such though, I don't have the drive to work on my story. 'Tis a shame my only creativity nowadays comes from utter despair and depression. Thanks a lot University of Toledo! smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif
I never imagined he'd be upset over him dying considering he claims he hates him & his mother so much. I really just don't get him in these regards because he acts like a little sheltered brat when it comes to his mom she still semi-coddles him even though he's the most successful out of the 3 kids.

Yet he claims he hates her. Well why is it always 'my mom this, my mom that, we have to go to my moms house'? Uhh yeah I don't like my mother either & do I hang on her every word, ask her for a lot of help, & let her dictate my fiancees life. Nope. Am I trying to move back in with her. Nope. What gives with this man?!

He's making life for me like Hamlet. Madness, madness and more madness, to the point I just want to rage quit life. He just up and proclaims out of nowhere yesterday "we're moving to my moms house" mind you this is 2-3 hours away from where we work & go to school. She and her husband have a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath trailer that's already occupied by 3 humans a dog & cat. We have a dog, cat, & bunny as well.....anyone seeing the problem with this besides me? It's colder up in Michigan & i have school & work 3 days of the week. What kind of idiot would waste that kind of money on gas! The only bedroom left is of course the smallest all of my clothes wouldn't even fit in the closet & there's only 1 t.v I'd be able to watch, plus I just started school last week and had to pay some cash for tuition if I dropped out MY mother would ******** kill me as the money is from an account she grew with her money! He just doesn't get it, he doesn't see when he's only thinking of himself & his wants & needs instead of 'our' needs as a couple & my needs as a person who wants to graduate college at least once & has a severe problem dealing with other people including family. He just can't see I'd never ever be happy in this type of situation & wouldn't support a pregnancy in this situation it's just loose-loose all the way around nothing good will come of it. I have dreams & aspirations he is not learning how to respect this.

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