He hesitates, but is forced to snap the neck of the girl, as I did with the boy. We have no choice at this point. It's happening. We run to the end of the hall, opposite the zombies, and stop at the door. They fill the hallways. Going that way would be suicide.
Luis,"What do we do?"
"Find a weapon. Go through these halls, find the survivors that we can. When we have to leave, we leave. Chris and Piers are upstairs, Claire and Ada are in the class next to them."
He nods, turning,"Let's find a weapon fast."
Turning, I see that the crowd of 4 has become 7. Looking around, the only room I see is the study room we were just in. I nod toward the door, and we walk in. Looking around the room, there isn't much. I look through our backpacks, Luis through the desk that was left in the room. The books could be used, but carrying them would be extra weight. Walks over to me, and sets a pair of scissors on the table,"One for each of us. Other than that, nothing. Unless you want to use thumb tacks."
I take one of the scissors,"Better than nothing."