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10 things about me:
1.) I am a Scorpio.
2.) I can legally drink.
3.) I am bisexual. & currently taken~
4.) I love to draw!
5.) I can be very lazy sometimes.
6.) My room is generally a mess.
7.) My name starts with a S!
8.) I generally like to go to the CB on gaia.
9.) I enjoy making friends but seem to have a hard time hanging onto them.
10.) I like to play video games such as: Pokemon, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Bayonetta, Catherine, Little Big Planet, Halo3, Guild Wars 2, FFXI (quit), & more~

But yeah.. I just wanted to update my journal after five years, hahaha~
It's really nice being back to play on gaia online :> I like the new features. I think I'm gonna start doodling avi art again.