I realized I already posted two journals before this one today but...

I couldn't help it!

I decided to read Kuroko no Basket again and came across something.

It was during the beginning of the Seirin vs Shuutoku match when it just started and Kagami made a certain expression when Midorin ignored him.

When I saw it, it reminded me greatly of an expression Aomine wore later on when Kuroko asked him to teach him how to shoot...I think it was before their match with Yosen.

So, I went over to see if Aomine really did wear that same expression and well what do you know?

They did!

Those two are alike in soooo many ways! Whether it be off the court or on the court!

Anyways, after my laughing fit, I saved the two pictures and edited it and this is what I made:

User Image

It's just so hilarious!

The two are ultimate rivals and they argue with just about anything but as I've said, they're so alike!

Anyways, back to reading!