Yellow, is the name of a certain Kuroko no Basket fanfiction.

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to give it a chance and read it.

Damn well glad that I did decided to read it.


It was sad.

It was extremely sad throughout the entire story because of the death of one person.

I never imagined him dying, but just the thought of him dead leaves me extremely sad.

The entire time I was reading it, I thought to myself 'Why would anyone want to kill him?'

And the last chapter...had me bawling my eyes out.

Just so effing sad...

Honestly, I never cried like that when reading fanfictions but just this one...dear god.

And it's because of that fanfiction that I've decided to support the pairing, AominexKise.

The first time I joined the KnB fandom, I thought that I would get into AominexKuroko.

But that didn't appeal to me as much as AkashixKuroko did.

Now, my two eternal loves for that fandom are AominexKise and AkashixKuroko.


Ah, also,

Timeless from Metamorcy finally ended...after 3 years xD

Sad that it ended but I'm satisfied with it.

Now she'll be working on getting The Forgotten Time done while also updating her other KHR fics along the way.

Contract, A Demonic Sky, and The Unexplainable.

Definitely looking forward to see where they'll go.