Melanie Aria Ratford
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About The Cut For Beiber Thing.
Other than the fact that I think Justin is just looking for any way to become less crappy than he already is (I've done my research, all the greats have done some form of drug), I think this Cut For Beiber thing is a great idea. But here's the thing, they're not cutting themselves deep enough! I know, this sounds exceedingly cruel and completely heartless, but I have a point. Anyone who is dumb enough to cut themselves over a stupid, cookie-cutter, pop star needs to drop dead anyway and make room for the true intellectuals in this world who are ever so downgraded! So, it is my belief that if you're taking part in Cut For Beiber, and you're cutting yourself, cut right through the artery that runs through your arm! You'll soon bleed to death and then your pain will end! Yes, this sounds sadistic, but seriously? Isn't there enough stupidity in the world???? If a few idiots do this, wont there be less??? Maybe Justin will be tried for causing the deaths of so many of his fans! Now, I like my fair share of stupidity. I love watching Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, South Park, Futurama, The Colbert Report, SNL and a few others, but I'm not so stupid as to cut myself over a celebrity! Anywho, this is what I believe, and I'm not changing this belief. If ya'll don't like it, ya'll can build bridges and get over it!