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My Tales Of Woe.
What is written within these online pages are the tales of my sad life. They may be rather horrific, or rather sad, but in the end, they're full of woe.
My Brother.... A True Demon. The First Tale Of Woe.
Although I am the oldest of four, I am also the most unlucky. I am constantly being compared to my cousin Bree (which isn't always a bad thing), I'm always forced to tend to my brothers and my sister is a bit of a brat. My life has only recently started to gain some highlights. But regardless, my brother (we'll just call him X on here) has been causing Bree and I a ton of trouble. I've seen and been through Hell, I can deal with my sister (we'll call her A for now) being a bossy little princess, I can and always deal with Bree being an OCD, heartless, demented, horrific, diva, heck, I even deal with living with and educating the worst brother in the UNIVERSE (we'll call him JD on here), but X has managed to cause not just Bree's and A's rage to go into hyper drive, but he's managed to make me want to hospitalize him (which, unlike for Bree and A, is rather uncommon). Y'see I take a TON of crap being dumped on me, and I've managed to survive, but this has caused me to want to not only hospitalize X, but disown him. And the funny thing is, this all started with two teenage girls wanting to play outside (which is also rather uncommon). What happened was, Bree noticed the nice day today and decided to go outside and shoot some hoops with me, and me being so ready to actually have some fun, I went. At first, we were having a blast, pretending that we were characters from shows and anime that we like, and even that we were the stars of the school B Ball team, which, as I said, was a blast. And then it happened, X came out to bother us. And at first, Bree and I had fun and played Keep Away with him, and then he got whiny and Bree and I decided to walk around the front yard to get away from him. And of course, he followed, but Bree made it better because she took out her phone and she and I started singing in the bed of her mom's truck. It was fun, as well as funny. She was the lead singer and I was the instrumentalist. And then we went inside for a few hours. Well, nearly 2.5 hours ago, Bree decided that she wanted to play more B Ball, but she had a problem, she couldn't find the ball. So, she asked X where he put it, and he sent her and A on a wild goose chase, which got me involved and it pissed us ALL off. Bree was yelling at him and saying that she was losing her eyesight (which is not good), A lost her eyesight (which isn't good either) and I lost my eyesight (which is very bad). Bree, A and I have horrible tempers, and making the three of us that mad all at once, is saying that you have a true death wish. And then what did that brat go and do? He added fuel to the flames and made them blue by being a snitch and adding lies to his "story of pitty". Basically what he did, was go to our mom and say "Mommy! [Bree] cussed me out and was being mean to me!" which is a load of bull. Bree was cussing, just to us, about him. Not to him, which, to a certain degree, is similar, but it's different. And what happened next was HILARIOUS! My mom actually had the audacity to give Bree a one hour long speech about cussing, and not only did she sound like a woman who's s**t don't stink, she sounded like a totally bitchy holy roller! I looked at Bree and knew, that even though she was making total eye contact with our parents, she wasn't listening. I know Bree so well that I knew that she was thinking about how much rage was building inside her, just by looking at her. Anywho, I've gotta wrap this up.... Let's just say, Bree and I aren't acknowledging X's existence for a while....

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