A hose is located near the building, as a precaution. Chris grabs it as I run to Ada, Claire, and Piers. They're obviously tired, but they can't stay near Wesker when this happens. I'm able to tell Piers, but then Wesker runs at us. Before I can do anything, I'm met with a hit to my side, sending me to my knees immediately. I look up to see that Piers has destracted him. I force myself up. Ada,"Are you alright?"
I nod and explain our plan. She nodsm passing it on to Claire. Chris yells,"Ready!"
This makes Wesker turn, but he's met with a kick to the face. Piers lands the blow, making Wesker turn back. He tries to run, but Wesker grabs his arm. He jerks it back, twisting it. His arm is bend in a way that's not phisically possible. Piers yells in pain. I run to him. Taking my knife out, I attempt to hit Wesker. He uses his other to grab the knife. I drop it, anticipating his move, catching it in my other hand. I immediately grab it and strike at the arm holding Piers. His hand releases the grip on Piers arm. Piers grabs his arm and winces. I put one hand on his undamadged arm and the other on his back. I push him to run, but once he's going I don't have a problem. I hear a yell from behind, Wesker's. I stp and turn, letting Piers go. Wesker is on the ground. He doesn't move. Finally, it's over.