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wow. such journal. many reference. very sort
someday i'll come up with a journal name that isn't an old meme
tellius hogwarts sortings
yes i have done the hogwarts thing too. this is going to be really long for the same reason the zodiacs list was (i.e. loads and loads of characters), and fair warning, there are going to be a lot of hufflepuffs and gryffindors -- there's not a limit to how many can be in each house here due to the fact that most of these characters are of different ages

also note that "slytherin" does not mean "antagonist / bigoted" despite the amount of villains and otherwise bigoted characters categorized in slytherin. those aren't actually slytherin traits, it's just that fiction tends to put slytherin-y characters in the "villain" or "anti-hero" position

ones that i think demand special explanations are marked with an asterisk and the explanations for those characters' sortings will be at the bottom of the list


Micaiah: Hufflepuff
Sothe: Slytherin
Eddie: Gryffindor
Leonardo: Ravenclaw
Nolan: Gryffindor
Laura: Hufflepuff
Ilyana: Hufflepuff
Aran: Hufflepuff
Meg: Gryffindor
Volug: Gryffindor
Tauroneo: Hufflepuff
Zihark: Ravenclaw
Jill: Gryffindor
*Fiona: Ravenclaw
Tormod: Gryffindor
Muarim: Hufflepuff
Vika: Ravenclaw
Nailah: Gryffindor
Rafiel: Hufflepuff
Zelgius: Hufflepuff

Elincia: Hufflepuff
Marcia: Gryffindor
Leanne: Gryffindor
Nealuchi: Hufflepuff
Haar: Hufflepuff
Brom: Hufflepuff
Nephenee: Hufflepuff
*Heather: Slytherin
Lucia: Hufflepuff
Mordecai: Hufflepuff
Lethe: Slytherin
Geoffrey: Hufflepuff
Kieran: Gryffindor
Astrid: Gryffindor
*Makalov: Hufflepuff
Danved/Devdan: Hufflepuff
*Calill: Gryffindor

Ike: Hufflepuff
Soren: Ravenclaw
Titania: Gryffindor
Rhys: Hufflepuff
Mist: Hufflepuff
Boyd: Gryffindor
Rolf: Ravenclaw
Oscar: Hufflepuff
Shinon: Ravenclaw
Gatrie: Gryffindor
Mia: Gryffindor
Ranulf: Gryffindor
Kyza: Hufflepuff
Lyre: Gryffindor
Reyson: Gryffindor
Janaff: Gryffindor
Ulki: Ravenclaw
Sigrun: Ravenclaw
Tanith: Gryffindor

Skrimir: Gryffindor
Naesala: Slytherin
Sanaki: Gryffindor
Tibarn: Gryffindor
Pelleas: Hufflepuff
Stefan: Gryffindor
Oliver: Slytherin
Bastian: Ravenclaw
Volke: Slytherin
Caineghis: Gryffindor
Giffca: Gryffindor
Kurthnaga: Hufflepuff
Ena: Ravenclaw
Renning: Gryffindor
Nasir: Ravenclaw
Gareth: Hufflepuff
Sephiran: Slytherin

Ashnard: Slytherin
Petrine: Gryffindor
Almedha: Slytherin
Rajaion: Gryffindor
Jarod: Slytherin
Levail: Hufflepuff
Hetzel: Hufflepuff



*Fiona: Fiona would be a Gryffinclaw hatstall, and it's likely that her choice would be because of a bias thanks to her father being in a certain house. Given that Lanvega apparently did not care about glory (since Marado was probably stigmatized after he stopped serving Ashnard) and there are certain things that indicate he's very skilled and independent-minded, Lanvega would most likely be a Ravenclaw, i.e. Fiona is also a Ravenclaw.

*Heather: This should be really obvious, but you can actually make a fair case for her being a Ravenclaw because of her independent nature (i.e. her own morals matter more than amount of money/power offered; only loyal to her mother instead of a group or country) and apparently extensive and varied knowledge/abilities despite living in poverty and not having had any schooling. Honestly, she could be a Slytherclaw. (She also seems to be different from Slytherins in canon because she's self-aware enough to know she's contradicting her own morals and shows regret for her actions in her death quote.)

*Makalov: This isn't a "spares go into Hufflepuff" sorting. Canon indicates that he doesn't really endorse his actions or negative traits, and he actually cares about others, wants peace, etc. -- he doesn't actually show any Slytherin traits, and only shows one or two Gryffindor traits (recklessness and occasional overconfidence).

*Calill: The reason Calill is Gryffindor and not Slytherin is that 1) she cares a lot about glory, and 2) left her disabled husband to care for their, what, 6-year-old kid? which is pretty reckless on her part, but is part of the whole "sacrificing security for bravery on a larger scale" type of thing that Gryffindors are supposed to have. (She apparently does not care about others except for the romance part, though. A complete lack of empathy for others + manipulation is actually why she'd be Slytherin.)

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