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what's the name of that movie??
I had slept over at my friends place and when i woke her grandma had already had the coffee ready. I have a cup with her and if she is watching a movie I stay a while and then i walk home(my house is 30seconds away,i not joking) well the movie we were watching was pretty funny.but it didnt go through commercial so i never got the name of the movie and i wanted to watch it later on my laptop. It was about this guy who people were going after him cuz he had a "chip"and the thing is he doesnt know who he is. well, the part i started watching until i left was that there was this lady who i guess was his girlfriend( but she was a undercover spy assigned to him) and he starts getting flash backs and he thinks he is a secret agent from the CIA.(but he really is just a janitor) and near the end he gets one last flash back when he sees a person face and realized who was the one that mad him lose his memory. i didnt see the end but i really wanna know the name of this movie. Maybe Im not giving enough details but thats all i can sum up what i saw