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My story
About five years ago, I started gaia for the first time.
Worked my way up buying gaia cash and such.
Played joyfully and happily for about one whole year.
AND THEN. I was reported for being underaged.
I was banned for 2 years to meet the TOS requirements.
But unfortunately, they forgot to un-ban me.
So four years passed and I finally got a hold of someone
that could actually review my pending tickets.
and I retrieved my previous account back.
Fortunately, some of the items i owned had an
increase in value dramatically over the years.
My total avi cost back then was about 200k.
When I came back it was about 2 million.
In addition, I made new friends that are extremely
generous and helped raise money for my current avi.
I also profited from making fan signs and such.
That's it
for now. (: !