Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but here's a brand new story for you, with a brand new feel. cat_4laugh

Poisonous Apples, a theory well known.
A single bite alone
Is enough to kill a girl
A girl with Hair black as ebony
Skin white as snow
Lips red as blood,
A story so well known

Skin a crimson red, that beckons me towards it. A single leaf, a healthy evergreen hue. Everything about this apple, enveloped me, captivated me, tempted me.

A sweet, yet sharp scent emanated from the forbidden fruit.

Maybe I was wrong to accept it, from the Seasoned Miss.

White, gray hair, wrapped delicately into a bun. A few toothed smile that was wrapped in a wrinkled face, with small delicate dimples. Her entire face spoke of final happiness, as she held out the much polished apple to me. Her hand shaking ever so much.

"You, my deary" she smiles at me, her eyes sparkling so. As though, a final piece in a puzzle was about to take place. An unsettling chill settled into my chest.

I looked at her, trying to shake the fear rising in my chest and simply smiled at her.

"Yes Ma'am, how can I help you?" I said, setting the broom in my head to the side as I went to meet her at the front of the cottage.

"You my dear, I have a special treat for you" She thrust the shiny red apple toward me, hand shaking gently.

"Oh no, no Ma'am. I couldn't take an apple from you. Thank you ever so much though" I tried my best to leave, but her hand came to grasp my wrist, her bony fingers digging into my skin.

"But. my lovely. This apple is is special, it will make your greatest dreams... Come true" She said softly, placing the apple in my hand.

"Oh, th-thank you-" I said turning around to place it on the counter top.

"But, I'll make sure to eat it la-" As I turned back around, the woman was gone.

And here I am now, staring down at this apple.

It beckons me closer, ushering for me to take it into my hand. Its cool to the touch, as it's smooth skin settles against mine. The gentle green leaf brushes against the meat of my palm the tiny hairs tickling my skin.

I decide to take a chance, to let my heart soar flights. Because I will take any chance to have my greatest dreams, come true.

I raise the apple to my lips, teeth breaking through the skin, juices filling my mouth, as the room, fades to black.