Queen Virus started has just a charicter in my resident evil fanfic. Than I found out about gaia, which, eventauly, introducded me to roleplaying and cosplaying. She was my first account I made on here and my first charicter I rp with. I was just starting and wasn't very good at it and only had two people I rp with at the time. One that no longers comes on here anymore and the other I ended becomeing close friends with. Well, as close as online friends can get I suppose. I ended up just useing the account to do whatever and just lost intrest in rp for a while and even lost intrest in gaia for a while. After months of being in active, I got bored and decided to give gaia another shot. Than, I became inspired by the whole Wesker Childeren thing and bascily Alexia Wesker took over that account (my other rp charicter). I orginaly had no intesions on recrateing Queen Virus, becasue I felt, despite a few people at one point saying she would make a good in game resident evil charicetr, Queen Virus was a failed charicter and I had Alexia Wesker kill her off, which I explain in more detail in the fanfic I'm currently working on for her. Than, since I had mentioned her in Aleixa's journal and her virus is part of what gave Alexia her powers, I decided to make this account and use it to post Queen Virus's fanfic. Now, I'm back to rp with her and will sti continue with the fanfic, explaining how she died,but, depending on how rp gose with her, I might write another, posbily brining her back somehow.