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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
I don't remember the last time I wrote a journal.. but well, here's one. i'd like to say is year is starting out better then last year, but it really isn't. I did make a couple new friends.. but.. they guy that picked on my last year is my friend but now there are like 5 people that do it.. at least it hasn't been physical like it was 2 years ago.. being punched, pushed over and thrown into walls is worse then being told I'm worthless and gay.. but well, its not worse when even my mom calls me gay. And now it's almost daily that I come home and get yelled at by my sister then lectured by my mom. The computer i got for Christmas is pointless since i got grounded right away anyways. And my dad took my phone because i got mad at him.. I was having a breakdown in the car (idk why but I have when when ever i think of my past.. guess because it was just so ******** amazing(sarcasm) ) and he decided that it would be a fantastic idea to yell at me while I'm crying... and well, school is good but the fact that i cant do my home work because i don't have time to since i get home at 5:30, then i have just enough time to eat and get yelled at before I have to go to bed or just pass out from emotional exhaustion (which is apparently possible .-.). well.. life is ******** fantastic.. OH and the therapist(I go to one now) discovered something that i already knew for the last 3 years! I'm depressed! so surprising! my mom says she doesn't know whats wrong. with me. she thinks she is perfect and that she does nothing bad to me. well, other then ignoring my feelings and calling me gay, she doesn't. she doesn't hit repeatedly me with the nearest object she finds when ever i do even the slightest thing wrong anymore. instead she lectures me for literally hours. my dad is just.. well there.. he isn't really good or bad.. unless something is wrong with me.. then he is a real a**... like i said earlier :/ I already made a plain... as soon as i get my phone and computer back.. I'm leaving.. already have a bag.. i just need pack then I'm out.. But.. i gotta get to England.. fml.. i guess i could just keep cutting.. maybe one day ill just die from depression.. i don't think I'm far off considering i never eat..

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