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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Taking a crack at it
I don't know where I want to start my story. I'll try a few different starts & see where it goes.

The text of the local city newspaper was barely readable through my glasses as I held my head down trying to melt into the table and chairs around me, trying not to be noticed by anyone going about their daily routine around me. I could barely read the leading headline, which peaked my interest when I heard the story while walking past the breakroom at work, as my eyes strained through the glass probably made for someone who couldn't see two feet infront of them. I had found them in a 'lost and found' box in the local library, amazing what people loose here, not that I was desperately in need of a pair of glasses....well I was, but not for obvious reasons.

I wanted to hide my embarrasement, my shame, my failure, in essence... my overly swollen and obvious blackened left eye. The glasses hid it well, but i made sure to put my hair to one side to help hide it from the world. I didn't want the stares, the questions, and the resulting drama when people tried to 'help' me and ended up making the situation worse. I could help myself, it was my fault afterall for being selfish, for not thinking about my boyfriends feelings before my own selfish wants.

He had a right to be angry and express himself, it was only an accidental reaction when his hand swept the side of my face. It was was so quick neither of us saw it coming. Like my father said I'm stupid afterall. I have no idea how anything works and I always need others to care for me, that's how I ended up living with him for two and a half years I'm a complete failure in life and I'll always be. My boyfriend is a crutch i'm leaning completely on for support. I'm not able to do anything without him he's so smart.

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