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W.F.F. (Wrestling Female Federation) The best of the best has just made impact!
W.F.F. Episode 28 "The Beautiful People."
It had been 3 days after my successful title defence,and Saka had called everyone to his mansion for a celebration.On having a full stable of girls AND me beating the crap outta Trillin! I came into the party wearing a black biker jacket with fur around the hoodie and black shades on my head,I had to dress stylish! Minaj a normal purple tune top with heels and blue jeans!
Himoka,a black at the top,white at the bottom long sleeved shirt with saggy pants.And Zentanko dressed in a blue dress.
And Stealth,SURPRISINGLY wore her wrestling outfit!

So there we were talking together,laughing together,having the time of our lives as friends... minus Minaj.Just then Saka stood up-"Listen up everyone!I just wanted to say,that these past 4 months have TRULY been fun.Aaaaah,I can remember how this AAAAAALL started....with Himoka having no talent in almost every sport we tried...and then I recconmended W.F.F..And then our lives would change forever!smilies/icon_cool.gif"
Himoka:"Oh SAKAAAA!Your too kind!All in all though,I REALLY though I was gonna die there!smilies/icon_blaugh.gif"
Minaj:"Hey!Don't get cocky yet,I'm still gonna kill you!smilies/icon_blaugh.gif"

Shocko:"You know guys.....I just realized something....do you know how SUCCESSFUL we've been in the W.F.F.?!smilies/icon_confused.gif"
Zentanko shrugged-"I don't know.Zi has only lost matches." I shook my head-"We've been extremely successful.We've got the Suplex Master,Minaj.The dangerous YET beautiful Stealth. Zentanko......who...er...is..french! And the W.F.F. champion,crowed favorite,Himoka Attatari!With the four of them combined....were INVINCIBLE!!"
Minaj:"YEAH!AND ME AS TEAM LEADER!!AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif"
Himoka stood up-"HEY!!MINAAAAAAAAJ!We NEVER AGREE'D TO THAT!!I'M champion!Why can't I be leader!??"
"BECAUSE YOUR A FLOOSEY WHO STILL STOLE MY BOYFRIEND!!Plus.....I'm a R.E.A.L. women!"She said proudly.

Just then Saka's phone started ringing!
Saka:"Hm?!I'll get it!.....Oh it's from the W.F.F.......wonder what they want??Hello?!!"He didn't say anything for a while,then he hung up.
Stealth finally spoke-"Whats up Saka?...."She said.
Saka put his hands in his pocket and said-"Oh nothing,REALLY!The W.F.F. just told me a new team as enter'd the W.F.F."
Himoka:"OOOOOOooHH!!NEW GIRLS!!WHAT'S THERE NAME!? WHAT'S THERE NAME?!!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif"
Saka:"They call themselves....."The Beautiful People"....."
At the time we though nothing of it,but.......The Beautiful People would soon be MORE dangerous than I could dream!


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i P A N G Y A
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jan 31, 2013 @ 02:34am
I haven't heard Minaj say R.E.A.L woman in awhile. Did we ever find wat R.E.A.L meant? In MINAJS opinion the word R.E.A.L would mean shes a....
"R.idiculously E.letrifyingly A.wesome L.ady"

Anyway im intrested in The Beautiful People. And wat a name smilies/icon_confused.gif
They obviously have pride issuses...smilies/icon_neutral.gif

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