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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
Dreams suck.........
Seems like everyone had been dreaming of something lately..

I woke up a long time ago, so I don't even remember what I dreamt about. I did dream of something, though.. If anything, I remember the dream I had the night before. Freaking nightmare. It was like real life, only I couldn't stop what was happening. Not that I didn't have control, but in a way that, it was too much to handle on my own.

Dream: In my dream, there were these cats trying to murder each other.. and there was blood all over. And there was this kid.. and they were was vomiting like crazy because they drank something they were not suppose to. And these two people fighting and screaming. And, in my dream, I knew I was really angry. I didn't know what to do.. what I would normally do is stop it before it happens. Because, those are possible real life scenarios. It was a nightmare because those cats are my cats. That kid is my cousin. Those two people were my parents.. I feel as though all those things that happened in my dream, were stuff I could have stopped.

It was just a dream thou.. That's messed up, right? Mixed feelings about dreams right now.

Things have been going well this morning. But I've been feelings sicklish lately.. Its winter and I sleep by the window. Oops.. That's not good. Sleep arrangements haven't been at all that great. Just the other night (when I had that freakish nightmare), I was sleeping over at my aunties..

Might delete this later. :B

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