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My quest to write 500 words a day.
This is a story of a bunch of my OC's, if you want more info about a certain character PM me.
day 4, Jonichia Bekker
I walked into the living room stumbling over my own feet to get to the couch
The black curtains had spots of vomit on them, Ohmygawsh why?
I rubbed my eyes just to make sure.
I HATE mornings, like no words describe how much I hate them.
I sat down on the couch and saw a couple of beer bottles lying there, so I picked those up.
Then muttered to myself “Why Kaleb? why?”
Kaleb is my husband, we’ve been married for three years, Kony (our son) is my trophy, he makes me proud, every day he smiles it makes me happy.
I am only like 8 maybe nine years old, Why? because I was born on leap day.
I hate leap day.
I could write a whole dictionary about things I hate, the list is so extensive.
Kaleb stumbled into the living room and sat down beside me.
He took the beer bottles away from me and tossed them aside “Jojo?”
“Kaleb.” I can’t believe you did this.
“Jojo, I had friends over after you went to bed, they brought beer and drank it.”
“And vomited on the curtains I suppose?”
“Yeah, thats exactly what, I was going to clean it up but it was late and I was so tired.”
“And wasted?” Its just like you to do that.
“No I was not wasted Jojo, I just wasn’t awake enough to clean it up.”
“Kaleb, I know this was you.”
“No, I had friends over.”
I stood up “Kaleb, YOU DON’T HAVE FRIENDS!!!!”
“Yes I do, we met on a website of forums, Star Wars forums.”
“No, Star Wars is not and will not be your universal excuse for failing at life!”
He pulled out his phone and showed me a whole list of contacts.
I quickly grabbed the phone and called one of them, put it on speaker phone.
It rang, rang then “Hello?”
“Hi, this is Jonichia, Kaleb Bekker’s wife.”
“Oh, umm I am Leia Sanderson, My real name is Sandy!”
“b***h, tell me how you met Kaleb.”
“We met at a Star Wars convention downtown, he was cosplaying Qui Gon and I Leia.”
“No, How do you know him?” I know Kaleb is to lazy to cos play.
“I told you the whole truth!”
I hung up “Kaleb, who is this b***h?”
“She told you Jojo.”
“I HATE BEING CALLED JOJO!!!!” I screamed, might let somebody know now
“But I’ve always called you Jojo.”
“NOT ANY MORE.” I heard Kony begin to scream
“I’ll get him.” Kaleb offered
“No, you won’t touch my baby.” I walked away from Kaleb and into the bedroom and pulled Kony out of his crib “Are you okay? I’m sorry I woke you. Your daddy is being a jerk, really mean.”
After comforting Kony I laid him on the bed and packed a bag, Kaleb won’t see me again for a long time.
Not until he comes crying that the b***h broke up with him.

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