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The Reception! In the words of Eloquentress!
The Wedding Reception
Last Friday night ♪ was a spectacular evening in celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Akasuna's wedding reception. The room was well lit. It was a few minutes before 5pm when I arrived at the house and the band soon followed after. A good hour passed and we were still waiting. xP

The bride and the groom were fashionably late. Nevertheless, I finally had the opportunity to meet Sasori of Akatsuki, who ironically "does not like waiting or keep others waiting." -.- It was great to watch their first dance and everything else fell right into place. I wondered what became of Jay since we were frantically searching for the wedding singer..

The bride sent us the playlist for the band to play. Then, the guests joined the couple and broke into a wild dancing spree a.k.a. insane walking. Eventually, we took a break, gathered around the table and pigged out on food. I briefly took my leave as I was about to have dinner for real and signed out.

Richiko messaged me to go on zOMG! once I returned, a wedding quest, I supposed. It was thrilling fighting alongside with the bride and groom lol. We met in Village Greens with the rest of the crew.

Oh look! Jay finally showed up. xD Heading to Barton Town, we stopped by the square to play "The Fountain Game."

I'm still not so certain how it goes, but we ended up mentioning our favorite Zelda games and.. get ready, along came Link and Princess Zelda! We recruited and took our awesome group picture. It took a while to get it this good lol. ;3

As we continued with the game, the guards would not permit us to pass through Bass'ken Lake, so we took the alternate route to Zen Gardens. After getting lost with Sasori-san and a few monster encounters later, we reunited with the others.

Suddenly, I died. xD Those ridiculous rings would not activate and I could not do jack ***+, so I was transported back to the Null Chamber. Luc came online and I met up with him at the Akasuna's. Richiko, Sasori-san and the guests also returned to the reception since it was time to slice the cake.

I had my piece and was quite satisfied. Unfortunately, a few people including the groom needed to go, though we still proceeded with the party. We brought it outside and danced on the frozen ice while aiming snowballs at each other.
Richiko took us to another location for a bigger dancing -slash- walking space.

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time ♪ Night fell and we had our random and unexpected moments together: Our group hug, receiving the tossed bouquet, Santa gifting indecent toys, Luc becoming dirtier, and his and Jay's blossoming bromance lol.(Richiko says my husband would have kicked his a** if he was there lol)

Despite the eventful night, morning rose early on Gaia and the party fever had not diminished. I thoroughly enjoyed throwing lethal snowballs at our favorite victim.
Hmm.. I supposed personal discussions followed afterward and how could I forget, Jay is getting married! Jay, you are next. Mwahahha* Richiko and I are most eager to meet the future bride. C:

In the end, Richiko, Luc and I went to the Virtual Hollywood for some sweet, late night dancing.

I'm very happy for both Richiko and Sasori-san. Congratulations once more!

Overall, I had a surprising and incredible time. I would not have experienced it all without meeting Luc, Jay and the Akasuna's. <3

I look forward to seeing your faces again lol. I have enjoyed every minute spent with everyone. I hope this season's greetings bring joy to you and your family.

Having a merry little Christmas,