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i haven't decided what im using this journal thingy for yet. might be like a daily vent smilies/icon_scream.gif or might actually become something but i guess we will see. today kinda sucked i felt sick all day and slept till like 2pm. Then i got ready to go to my dads house took 3 fricken hours but i didn't forget anything at least...i hope not smilies/icon_stressed.gif . i finally got to my dad house at like 7 and made them all dinner and now im re doing my complete profile sorta. im keeping my profile display cuz i still really like it but i pretty much changed everything else. earlier my step-mom told me she thinks my ankle might be broken i really hope its not because that would really suck. especially with no insurance lol. well im off to edit more stuff on my profile smilies/icon_smile.gif bye all smilies/icon_heart.gif