User ImageThe Monster and The Seal
This great evil being terrorized the world as long as it lived. It gained great powers by eating its victims and sucking up all of their energy. With every destruction it became more and more powerful. But a great wizard and his army set out to stop it. They built a magnificent castle out in the middle of nowhere and put a fortress miles around it. They lured the monster and and thus the great battle between good and evil began. All seemed at lost for the good until the great wizard was able to defeat the monster by sacrificing himself. The monster was trapped inside the dungeons of the castle. Another seal upon its chest rendered it powerless. For years it lays there, eating up the souls of those who dear to walk by. Someone, some little girl had broken the seal. She emitted such great power that the monster was sucked inside of her instead, the seal now on the back of her right shoulder. He was now trapped inside the body of a powerful three year old, but it would be years before he could be fully awakened again to get his revenge.

User ImageIris The Original
She was first born as a normal human being. But unknowingly she gained magical powers at the young age of three. Iris has a special mark on the back of her right shoulder. This mark once belonged to a monstrous being. It now lays inside her and lends her his power. One day the girls came out into the real world to meet their new master, each making a contract with her, each giving a piece of their magic to her. In turn she made a haven in her head so that they could live peacefully. She made the train of thoughts and the land of imagination, granting them each a piece of land and a place to call home. They agreed to take form when she needed them the most. They would bring her into her own mind while one of them stayed outside to protect her body. Iris became a mix of everything, just like her name suggest. She has the powers and the personalities of all the girls including herself.

User ImageTaika The Magical Witch
This was Iris's first power. Taika's whole family was decreased in a great war. A war that happened to be at the castle where the monster lays. She was one of the sole survivors of the great battle. Losing everything, she had nowhere else to go. So Taika resided in the castle for some time. Unknowingly the monster had woken up but it could do so little. Taika's soul was sucked inside the monster while she was asleep. She now serves her enemy as she has no other choice. Taika has telekinesis and the ability to bring her imaginations to life. She can conjure up what she pleases with only a few magical words. She's the crazy one who speaks her mind. She is a kid at heart who loves to play and mess around with anyone.

User ImageCatia Angel of Heart, Mind, and Soul
Catia is the healer of the group. She was sent to earth to collect wishes. She spent her time wit the humans, helping them out as much as she can. In turn her magical jar of candy would be filled with their pure heart and good intentions. She needed one more in order to go back home but something tragic had happen. Catia was lured inside the castle and trapped there by the monster. She was so caring and kind that she actually stayed by the monster's side and tried to help him. In the end her jar of candy shattered and she was consumed by him. This she saw coming for she had the power of foresight. She was able to touch the heart and souls of people, enabling her to get insight on everything about them, including their weakness and strength. She accepted her death knowing that she'll be living inside the monster forever, and that she'll be joined by the others to come and the ones already there.

User ImageLucina Angel of Light
Lucina is the very perky and cheery kind of girl. She has the power to control light and make things shine. But her favorite was the rainbow. Like Taika she's extremely playful and hyper. Lucina died as a young child and became an angel. She was always being taken care of by Catia since she refused to grow up. Lucina is really pure hearted and sensitive when it comes to bad things like death. Sometimes she just tries too hard to pull people into the light. When Catia was gone for months, Lucina set out to find her, like a daughter trying to find her mother. Lucina meet the monster and begged him to take her inside. When he denied her, she forced her way inside and happily greeted her care taker.

User ImageFionn The Goddess of Nature
Fionn lived among the clan of the elf as she shared the land with every living creature. She was the wise one, the bookworm full of knowledge. She tended of the gardens, letting everything grow wildly and freely. She valued life and everything that it had to offer. She was able to make the ground shake, she was able to make the earth move. She was a master in archery, but she seldom fought. She didn't believe in violence or war. But if she had to she would fight humanely as possible, letting her comrades do the dirty work as she simply captured the enemy. Fionn gained the knowledge about the dark castle and set out to find it. Her quest for knowledge lead her to a dark and haunting place. Yet her curiosity pushed her to go on. She approached the monster with excitement and welcomed herself in. Knowledge can be dangerous when put to the wrong use. Although she was wise, she was also ambitious. It was all for the sake of her learning.

User ImageSeraphina The Fiery Phoenix
She belonged to a group of mystical and powerful beings. They lived in a haven for creatures of all kinds. She was the trouble maker of the group, she was the rowdy one. She was cocky and confident in her powers. She never backed down from a fight. This became her ultimate downfall when she finally faced someone she could not beat. She didn't have to power to kill her friend who was consumed by a great evil. Seraphina's death was what had release her friend from the great evil. But it was too late as her soul was taken inside the monster. Her fiery spirit still burns inside of him. She was violent, blunt, and brute. She had the ability to control fire at her will and transform into the mystical bird she is.

User ImageCamilla The Swordsman
She was one of the few humans that had gotten caught by the monster. Her father was a blacksmith. Since he had no sons, he passed on his skills to her. Camilla learned everything about swordsmanship. She disguised herself as a man since ladies could not fight, thus becoming a tomboy. She worked hard to prove her worth to everyone; everyone who knew her as Cameron. But it was revealed that she was a women so they had no choice but to exile Camilla to a distant, isolated town. She secretly traveled the world and got herself into fights. She died from a fatal illness, collapsing right at the castle's edge. Her spirit was taken in by Catia as she nursed her back to health inside the monster.

User ImageTuyet Ice Queen of the Winter Fairies
In the land of fairies there lived an all powerful queen who could control the cold and all forms of water including steam. But she was called Ice Queen because her body was always freezing and her eyes always seemed so dark and empty. She isolated herself inside her grand castle and rarely spoke a word. Despite this she was a great leader who knew what her people needed. But her land had shattered when a wild, untamed Phoenix appeared and destroyed everything in its path. She was weakened as she had to flee her great land. Tuyet saw the castle standing alone and decided to reside there until her time had come. She couldn't bare to lose anyone else but of course Catia pulled her in to.

User ImageTristan Ghost of the Dark Past
Tristan was born during one of the great wars of the world. She was born as a cursed child who attracted the bad. Everywhere she went, something disastrous would happen. People blamed everything on her. She was forced to live in the poorest condition away from everyone. She became very bitter and depressing. She died from hunger and still roams the earth. She was never able to move on because she seek revenge on everyone who did her wrong. She had the power of illusions, the ability to trap people inside their own nightmares. She had no mercy and she was void of emotions. Except the anger that clouds her heart. The monster easily fed on her dark soul.

User ImageLilith Demon of the Night
Lilith loved playing around with the lives of petite humans. She found it amusing how they let little things like emotions and weakness get to their heads. If someone made a deal with the devil, she would be there form the contract. She controlled the dark shadows and the evil things that creep out at night. If she could obtain your shadow, she would have complete control over your movements. Lilith's relationship with the monster is special. She was a loyal servant of his and she has already been living inside of him for years. She served him like a master. But when he was defeated, so was she. Yet she still stuck to his side until the very end.

User ImageFreya Reaper of Life and Death
Freya lived in the underworld serving Hades. She's the one who would go and retrieve the souls for Hades. She was strong although she didn't have much power. But her power was special as she was able to grant immortality. Freya is able to take the life of any living creature and materialize it into a small glowing ball. A mark would then be left on their body as they are forced to live forever. Being chopped up to pieces wouldn't even kill them. Freya would have to return their lives to them in order for them to die. Freya could also make someone experience death if she wished. But with this power comes a great cost. Freya is always in the form of a dead corpse or a skeleton, unless she possesses someone's life. Thus she became mute and never says a word as she simply watches life past by without really any care for what happens. She holds the life of the monster making him immortal and thus making everyone else inside him immortal. Freya chose to live inside the monster.