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Random Crap
the good, the bad, and the ugly stuffs...
Perfect Guy... <3
I'm the guy that will cuddle you on the couch and watch movies. And i won't complain if it's girly.

I'm the guy that will text you good morning baby and good night sweetheart.

I'm the guy that will hug and from behind unexpectedly and kiss you.

When you accidentally leave your toothbrush at my house, when you come back it will be in my toothbrush holder beside mine smilies/icon_smile.gif

When you are at work or with your friends, I'll let you know I love you, tell you to have fun and I'll leave you alone until you come home.

When we don't agree, I'll say I'm sorry and drop it. I'll kiss you when your mad.

I'll rub your back to sleep every night.

You can take me around your friends and family, you'll never have to worry that I'll ever be interested in anyone else. As long as I'm with you, I'm all yours.

***My Sad but Trues// (Random Helpful Things All Guys should Know)

1. Leave your phone when you leave the room. It makes her feel better knowing you have nothing to hide.

2. Use the words "we" and "ours".. Not "me" and "mine". The only thing you own personally is nothing.

3. Communicate often. It may be okay to not talk much, but you better not forget the goodnight phone call. Never ignore a phone call from her, or from anyone if she is around. It leaves room for doubt.

4. Do what you say you're going to do. Every small thing matters. Simple things mean the most.

5. No excuses, no lies, no cover ups.

6. Come to bed clean. Not smelling like work. For she hates to feel unworthy of you at your best.

7. She should always know where you're at, who you're with, and what you're doing. And approve of them all.

8. There is no such thing as a female friend in her book. Lose their numbers.

9. Don't talk about exes or bring up old memories. Without question, she should never feel the need to wonder how she compares.

10. Sex is an act of feelings, not to feel as if it's a requirement. Too much sex makes it meaningless, defeating its purpose.

11. Some girls just want you to be their best friend sometimes. Be there for her when know one else is.

12. Shave your junk lol

Rules of Tradition.
(I believe sometimes I'm the only one that thinks this way.)

Introduce yourself with a smile.
Sit up straight.
Hold the for open for the person behind you.
Open ladies car doors.
Help ladies into the truck.
Hold ladies umbrella.
Pull out ladies chairs.
Be supportive in every way. And that being a stay at home mom is perfectly acceptable and encourage it. If she wants to work, motivate her to have a hobby job from home. Like a hair stylist or something smilies/icon_smile.gif
Be open to talk.
Be the security.
Help the elderly with their groceries.
Leave any place looking better than when you got there.
Be great with kids.

***5 random things I find most attractive:

-The eye contact before a kiss.
-Holding pinkies.
-For her to have her hand in my pocket while walking the mall.
-The punch she gives you for saying the wrong thing.
-Knowing what I'm going to say before I say it.

My Theories:

1. All little girls grow up watching princess movies and living in fairy tales. They all at some point have dreams of growing up to being a princess. But at some point they are faced with reality. What I hate the most is that they have to decide against their dreams. DON'T!! You can be my princess, and we can be kids together.

2. Real men do not label women as dimes, because real men do not carry change.

3. A relationship is only as good as the effort you put forth into making it worthwhile.

4. I believe any two people can be compatible if they really wanted to. Differences, imperfections, and opposing views are all compromised at some point during the bonding and that bond is the most strongest. Because love isn't just a word, or a feeling. It's the time, effort, and memories that make the connections.

5. People settle with being unhappy because a real partner is unheard of. People want convenience. People are all about themselves. People idol idiots that promote YOLO and use such sayings as an excuse to be a hoe-bag. People are spoiled to technology and its power to manipulate the real meaning of getting to know someone. This is why a good relationship or marriage is impossible. Also why the world has regretfully com

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