Hey, what's up?
I have no friends and I'm telling you the truth.
I have a couple homies and I know who those are.
I'm sorry if you don't get it or if it sounds bizarre.
Journaling ain't a thing, so why do I care what chu gotta say about it?
I rather have you hate me dawg, cause at least that way your honest.
Tell me the truth. That's the one thing that won't hurt.
I promise to me and you yourself from me. .The point of view you're seeing in ain't right and that's what's wrong, with the world, and the people in it.
Actin like sin ain't satan's way of keepin us off our toes.
God put in front of us the life and the death.
Only two roads and you know what to do to walk towards whichever.
At the end of days God gives you what you chose.
He's hoping you choose life, but you're walking in your sin.
I'm stuck too, torn between what i want in this moment and what I know is taking hold of my mind and capturing my attention.
Everything about the after life to come, is beautiful, and I don't know how to be patient in waiting for it all to come and set me finally free.
Can't find the time to care what you got to say about me.
Can't say I'm looking either, and honestly I love it that you waste yours to do it.
I'm kinda sorta some sort of idiot anyway, so when you beat me in an argument is it an accomplishment anyway?
Do it up, continue doing what that thing inside ya's tellin' you.
Me I ain't no slave, but I got a master and to him I wanna be a friend too.
Look at me ain't no chains, it's his love that binds me to,
Do what he wants of me and everything that's good.
Hey homie, look at me and talk this way.
I'm not from a hood but I'm in the hood all day
Wearing that hoodie, out in the snow.
Please don't you tell me that I'm gonna catch a cold.
I rather get it that way, than the way I been gettin' it.
Catching earfuls of all you people say and I know it's not relevant, but it gets sorta difficult tryna stay warm inside.
Especially with that and all the coldness coming inside of me, and I'm sure of you too.
Can't find nothing warm with love to fix my eyes on.
Everytime I look around I spot hate going on
I see the hurt when I look into your eyes, or maybe the reflection of those baby blue iris's is what's making me distracted.
Got me looking into you and seeing my self, in fact it's
almost a lie to tell you I'm okay.
I'm livin' breathing, but inside all there is-is decay.
I rather be myself, a fool, than break my spirit actin' kool.
Never been good at make pretend, and I know it's hard to wanna do something that you wanna do. You tell yourself it's dumb cause it's something you wanna do, but remember another time you did something similar and people stopped and stared at you.
Hateful eyes, jealous of the freedom, spread rumors and publicate every last mistake a real person ever makes.
Don't know what you're getting at when you talk down on someone saying this and that, but worry bout yourself.
Please, off my back, ain't no skin that I'm willing to crush,
Beneath the weight of all the slander and things such as that.
I rather stay where they love me kick back and relax.
Say what you want and do what you will.
I'mma be me. Try and settle down a lil.
Aight, I ain't about to say this and do that other thing. If I mention it consider that stuff done.
I don't like liars. They can all eat one, two, or three of me, Knaa'mean?
Consumed by the lies, but I'm sick and end up gettin spit,
Up and out. Please try and keep it down swallow up what chu put out and fill yourself with the waste.
Believe it or not, I'm serious, the way you talk is a waste of space.
Take a minute, not a second, to say what you're gonna say.
It's not a race just speak and pace, but saying it slow don't make everything right.
Keep it in your mind that each word should be meaningful and if it's not maybe wait until it is.
I just really do wish, that I knew what to do with this. .desire to write and say certain things but I have no direction. I have no inspiration.
This head is emptied out and I need something to fill it.