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January 9 2013
Life at school sucks.
Damien causes most of my problems. Yes I broke up with him 3 times, but he doesn't have to make my life miserable. When I was dating this girl named nichole, he kissed her, KISSED HER! She says he told her I love you, but he denies it. On top of that my "best friend" has been going over there and sometimes spending the night. Yes, they are test friends and were good friends before we got together, but she didn't start going over there until she started hooking up with his older brother. When they weren't hooking up anymore, she stopped going over there. Until now... I feel so disrespected by all three. Today was my first day not talking to either of them. I'm not going to lie. Itewas really rough. I cried on the bus all the way home and when I got home I cried for a hour and refused to talk to anyone. Lunch in the library isn't soundig so bad now..,