Monday Delirium
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The show began!
people still crowded the spaces of the sewers, pressing each other flooding into the tent big enough to held a couple hundred people the circus ring set for the performance of the night well lighted! The space had been meant as some sort of store house or perhaps a monitoring station built underground for reasons only the creators of the town would know and forgotten by most people.
The sewers being a neutral area and mostly avoided by "respectable" citizens it was not entirely surprising this perfect spot had been forgotten until now.
Oliver would have to try to figure out how Monday had found it.
This many people, it was easy to pass the armed but undercover agents plus Margaret and himself unnoticed. The tent was already full and suffocating, with barely any room left to navigate around.
He feared he might have been rush and made a terrible mistake. All it would take was one wrong move and panic would follow, dozens of innocents would end up hurt all because of him.
Something in Roxy's voice, the pain in her eyes and the death of that girl who had fled the casino. It was all haunting Oliver the weight of his years and the horrors he had witnessed over the years seem to be pressing closer than ever.