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wow its been busy. first chris-d had a bday party, then jay did, endded up staying the night and was up most of it from his son crying. then went to jamies and hung out. was up till 6am there. played scrabble, even won a game. talked about my gf who i almost dumped with all the stress shes been putting me threw with her constant accusations and such. and next weeks my bday and for one i hope 2 have a great 1. going to rent a theater and play halo 4 on the big screen. if it works out, should have near 18-20 ppl there. been busy. im glad i dont haveto think with all the stuff. i hate to think, just end up upsetting myself with things that i dont need to remember. im also 5 days from a new ship on star trek online maybe and im dieing for a good nights sleep. have a good day yall