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I am just generally excited today. I have completed an essay that has definably been a pain in my butt, but I believe it is finally done! The only bad thing that has happened to me today is that the dog chewed up my glasses. So, now I have to wear my old ones until farther notice... And I have a feeling that is going to be a while.
I am also excited about prom! My friends are getting a limo together, along with me, and we are trying to figure out who exactly is gonna go with us, that way we can figure out the price that each of us have to contribute. I am also looking at prom dresses, since I do not have one yet. I am looking at a more traditional style one, or a mermaid style type one. I am not sure. Coarse, it doesn't help that I have no clue as to what looks good on me. So I am hoping to go try on dress really soon, so I can find what does, and does not look good on my body. Wish me luck!