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Scarlet Anastasia Rose

Scarlet ran away from her castle home. The royal life started to seem like a death trap, every time she tried to step up to be the princess her crown in tails someone push her down, Scarlet started to feel small. Pushing away all her painful feelings of self worth and depression she ran deep into the woods, her feet moving as fast as they could take her, everything pass by her in a blur, flash motion of colors, blending in with each other greens mixing in with yellows, browns mix in with bright reds and oranges.
After what seem like forever Scarlet came to a clearing in the forest, the grass seemed so much richer in color; wild flowers seem to bloom to full buds. Scarlet drops to her knees holding her hands up to her cheats she started to breathe deeply, trying her best to catch her breath.
Scarlet pulled her eyes up, a cross the clearing stood a wood collage. Scarlet felt drawn to it, she didn’t notice it there before. Could it be magic UN folding itself before her, was the tine line of magic swallowing her in?
Scarlet knew of a story a love story that had a cure to it; her grandmother used to tell her it as a little girl, scarlet always loved grandma stories but mother and father didn’t. People called Scarlet grandmother Violet crazy, but to Scarlet grandma was normal.
Scarlet stood in front of the cottage; her small hands press to the front door. Her hands felt like the where one with the door, pushing on it she open the door, Before her was a large opening, stepping in Scarlet felt the air around her loosen; like a spell breaking down for the first time in years. Before Scarlet were a dining room and a kitchen. Scarlet step in the old fashion kitchen; everything was clean, it look like someone lived here but yet no one was around.
Stepping away from the kitchen she turn facing the small kitchen table of four, only one chair look like it was being used the other three wooden chair had a thick layer of dust.
Scarlet signs she felt sadness over come here; who ever lived here hope for a family and yet alone. Scarlet pulled her eyes away from the table looking into the living room she saw a wall cover in hard cover books. The dark wood walls had frame herbs, some drawings of birds and plants.
Scarlet left strong tug to the room, stumbling into the living room she looked around more.
Trying to what it was that called her forth, the over powering tug made her stomach turn.
Looking at the cluttered desk; she saw thick leather journals, some look new age when other look old, pages sticking out of them, the odd dirty shade of paper, Scarlet finger tips ran a cross them, she left the secrets they hold, a story she wasn’t ready to read. Pulling her hand away she notice in the right side of the desk stood a thick cherry wood like box, Thick layer of dust covered it. Scarlet knew it was that box that was pulling her into the room, just looking at it she felt it draw her to it even more. Scarlet pulled the box off from the desk walking into the kitchen with it she pulled one of the chairs that haven’t been sat in for a while, Not caring about the dust she sat down, using her right arm she whip the lid and the sides.
Well detailed carvings stood out on the book, this box was just like the one her Grandmother told her about in stories, the love story of a woman and a wolf, how the wolf was hunted by many of the village men because of his shape shifting powers and deep knowledge of things that seem so taboo to the village. The carving told a story, a strong man walking, and then falling to his knees, another carving was a large wolf walking on all fours to a woman. The woman Scarlet could not keep her eyes off of, the carving make her heart hurt.
Scarlet push open the lid to fine a silk cream cloth wrap around something.
That something Scarlet felt belongs to her. That something was HERS.
Opening the cream silk cloth Scarlet look down to see a red ruby pendant, Thick ruby stone was cut in a tear drop, wrap around the ruby tear drop was a white gold chain. Placing the cloth on the table Scarlet pulled her long red hair up in a bun, making room she then grab the white gold chain pulling it over her head, the ruby red tear drop pendant laid on her chest, the tear drop ruby stop above her breast. Scarlet closed her eyes, images of past history of the curse pass in her mind, of a man who turn wolf falling in love with a young woman but before he could tell her his love, the towns people would then burn the woman of false claims of witchcraft. Sadness wash over her, will history re play its self or was this the finial line when the story of two loves get to live happy ever after.

Scarlet open her eyes, she understood the story, she had heard it many times as a child growing up, but what did it mean, was she the woman who got burned?
Scarlet felt the need to be outside, pushing herself off from the chair she walks outside of the cottage. The sun started to set down, walking to the small field before the house she laid down in the glass, looking up at the sky she felt all her troubles and worries wash away from her. Watching the sky change Scarlet fell asleep in the grass. The spell that was around the field and cottage was put up by the wolf to block away all harm only two people could break it, his long lost mate and himself. Anyone else who came to this side of the woods would only see the illusion of a deep muddy gross pound cover in moth with rotting trees. But for Scarlet she saw the truth, the same truth the wolf saw, the safe cottage home with a field of wild flowers, It called to Scarlet, it welcomed her in with open arms, in Scarlet mind this was home, But in all truths this home was his and she was trust passing.

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